SA #1315

Exporting People Data

You can easily export people data from our platform by creating advanced searches and queuing them for export.

To export people data:

  1. Sign into your Client Dashboard.
  2. Click on PEOPLE MANAGEMENT on the left.
  4. Click the green CREATE A NEW SEARCH button.
  5. Name your search and choose any of the options on the form. To create a search of all of your people data, leave all the fields blank.
  6. Click the blue SAVE SEARCH button.
  7. Once your search is saved click the blue BACK TO SEARCHES button.
  8. Next to your newly created search, click the blue EXPORT button. This will queue your search for exporting. 
  9. Return to your Advanced Searches over the next 15-60 minutes and download click the orange DOWNLOAD button when it is clickable.

The download file will be a CSV file, which can be opened in Excel or any text editor.

Version 1.2 • Last Updated 11/8/2021 1:28:59 PM

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