Services for Nonprofit Organizations

The heartbeat of our company is the mission and purpose of the nonprofit community. We’ve served over 60,000 organizations from all over the world since 2001, learning from each project and growing in our experience and proficiency. It is through that foundation that we continue to grow and evolve the website design, development, management, and consulting services we offer to the nonprofit organizations to meet each day.

Nonprofit Websites

Nonprofit Websites is our brand that focuses on building, growing, and managing the websites of nonprofits of all sizes. From startups to established organizations, Nonprofit Websites provides the most economical and through service available for teams that strive to make a difference in the communities they serve. We help nonprofits design, manage, and expand their web presences through our B.A.M. web presence strategy and the technology offered through the 3nity Web Presence Management Platform.

The Smart Nonprofit Master Class Podcast

Published by our CEO, Jose Gomez, The Smart Nonprofit Master Class podcast is distributed through various channels such as iTunes, Spotify, and Pandora and more. It focuses on teaching strategies that cut through the hype and misinformation to help nonprofit leaders make the right choices when it comes to building their worldwide presence. Its Facebook group, Nonprofit Leader Insiders, is home to thousands of nonprofit leaders who share insights and advice with each other as well.

Nonprofit Guides & Courses

To provide nonprofits with a learn-it-yourself approach to their web presence, we also publish a suite of guides and courses that are aimed at educating nonprofit leaders in planning, growing, and marketing their web presence, with or without our services.

Other Nonprofit Brands

We also serve our nonprofit community through several other brands, all provided through our world-class platform, professional services, and passionate team. These brands serve as different entry points to our unified solution, allowing expand our core offering while serving the various needs of our client base.