3nity CMS E-Commerce Management System

Powerful Online Commerce That Powers Online Stores and Secure Donation Management

Everything that your website does involving financial transactions is organized and tracked through our E-Commerce Manager. Whether you're running an online store or taking secure online donations, our platform centralizes your transactions and provides you with real-time orders, shipping, and payment processing.

  • Storefronts: Create UNLIMITED storefronts to sell products and services online. Unlimited products, categories, product groups, product images, sales, and more.
  • Orders & Invoices: Track all of your orders and online donations as orders and invoices. Custom invoices, packing slips, point-of-sale processing, and more.
  • Payment Plans: Preconfigure recurring payment plans for limited or perpetual processing of payments. Apply payment plans to specific products.
  • Shipping Dock: Fulfill your product orders using our shipping dock to instantly track the progress of orders through your fulfillment process.
  • Promo Codes: Unlimited product codes allow you to extend discounts to all or individual clients across products, categories, product groups, and more.
  • Payment Gateways: Add multiple payment gateways. 3nity CMS seamlessly with AuthorizeNet, PayPal Standard, PayPal Advanced, PayPal Pro, and Invoice Payments.
  • Affiliate Programs: Reward referral sources by tracking sales and issuing payments per order. You set the commission amounts and our system keeps track of everything.
  • Reports: Reporting on your unit and revenue volume is quick and painless. Just choose your report and generate it.

Complete Feature List of our E-Commerce Management Tools

There's a reason why 3nity CMS has processed millions of dollars in payments on behalf of clients. Every feature is fine tuned to bring in revenue.

  • Unlimited Storefronts: Create as many different stores as you want, all with their own inventory, categories, and groupings.
  • Unlimited Products: We don't limit the amount of products you can add to our system. Add your entire inventory and start selling!
  • Unlimited Categories: Organize your products and services into categories to make it easy for your customers to browse.
  • Unlimited Option Groups: Create groups of options that can be reused across multiple products. For examples sizes, colors, and other universal options.
  • Unlimited Product Groups: Organize your products into miscellaneous groupings for use with promo codes and searching.
  • Unlimited Topics: Classify your products by topic to help customers find the resources they need fast.
  • DonorPanel System: Enable online donation management for donors and partners. Process one-time and recurring payments. (AuthorizeNet/PayPal Pro required)
  • Up to 3 Options: Each product can make use of up to three product groups for flexible configuration.
  • Digital Delivery: Automatically deliver software, audio files, video, and documents associated with a product. You can even limit downloads and retries.
  • Membership Subscriptions: Automatically add customers to various memberships and subscriptions in the CRM.
  • Customizable Store Display: Controls the way your store shows your products, the size of thumbnails, and much more!
  • Unlimited Product Images: Upload as many product images as you want. We'll thumbnail them for you and allow customers to click and zoom.
  • Automatic Thumbnailing: One upload creates all the thumbnail sizes you need. No need to upload multiple copies of the same photos.
  • Automatic Flip View: For items with two or more images, our system automatically flips between the first and second image to provide an interactive display.
  • Order/Invoice Management: Automatically track, manage, and report on all order and donation activity.
  • Point-of-Sale Processing: Process real-time payments from any invoice or donation receipt. Apply full and partial payments.
  • CRM Integration: Complete intergration with the 3nity CMS CRM, the Relationship Manager.
  • Receipt/Packing Slip Printing: Automatically generate printable receipts and packing slips for order fulfillment.
  • Payment Plans & Recurring Payments: Create payment plans to be applied to products to enable recurring payments when products are purchased.
  • Shipping Dock Queues Manage and track invoices and orders as they pass through three different fulfillment queues based on their status.
  • Promotional & Coupon Codes: Create unlimited promo codes for use by clients across your database and applied to products, categories, or groupings.
  • Payment Gateway Integration: 3nity CMS integrates seamlessly with AuthorizeNet, PayPal Standard, PayPal Advanced, and PayPal Pro.
  • Real-time Processing: Instantly process credit cards the moment they are submitted. We don't charge any transaction fees at any time.
  • Complete Affiliate Program: Run your own referral program to reward partners and joint venture associates with commissions for sending traffic.
  • E-Commerce Reports: Generate consolidated reports on unit and revenue volumes across all of your storefronts.
  • Secure Checkout: We provide a shared checkout system with 2048-bit SSL secure certificate to protect customer data as it is transmitted through the internet
  • PCI Compliant: Our solution is PCI compliant and encrypts all sensitive client data stored in order system.